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Hackney Pony

Hackney Pony

Standards of Excellence


A Hackney Horse or Pony require that ‘look at me’ attitude combined with elegance


Hackneys are divided into horses and ponies. Ponies are up to 14 hands and horses over 14 hands


Bay, Dark Brown, Chestnut, Black – Fine silky coat


Small convex head, large eyes, small ears and muzzle and a long and well formed neck

Neck should be slightly crested with good length of rein and no sign of coarseness.


Powerful shoulders and low withers. Compact body with great depth of chest. Tail well set on quarters and carried high.


Forelegs straight – gentle slope of pastern and well shaped feet. Strong hocks well let down.


Brilliance and correctness of action must always be paramount. The head erect – neither too high nor low – the ears pricked and the whole animal a portrait of elegance and beauty. For the purpose of judging.

Show Presentation

The action must be fine, the leg raised and thrown forward to cover the ground, not just raised up and back to the elbow. The legs must go 1-2-3-4 and be straight and true.

To produce this picture, presentation is important. A good animal badly presented, for instance with head on one side or head held too high or low, will be beaten by a lesser animal that is produced well. A horse or pony requires that “look at me” attitude combined with elegance.

Cleanliness of the horse or pony, the harness, the show vehicle and the smartness of the driver are all essential.

Entrants should have good manners and are judged on conformation and their way of going. Straight correct action is desirable which should be high and progressive and not “up and down”.

(Taken from the Year Book of the Hackney Horse Society of the U.K.)

Hackney Pony

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