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Highland Pony

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One of the most versatile of British native breeds. It is hardy and of sound constitution, while the winter coat, consisting of a layer of strong, badger-like hair over a soft, dense undercoat, enables it to live out in all weathers.

They are good rides, and make excellent “family” ponies, many being natural jumpers. They are easily broken to harness and because of their docility, sure-footedness and native intelligence, are invaluable as pack ponies and for farm and forestry work.


The height is 13 hands high to 14.2.hands high (132 – 148cms)


Arrange of duns, muse, yellow, golden, grey, cream, fox etc. Also grey, black and occasionally bay and liver chestnut with silver mane and tail. Many ponies have a dorsal stripe and some show zebra markings on legs and shoulder. Apart from a small star, white markings [blazes, socks etc] are disliked and discouraged.

Stallions with white markings other than a small star are not eligible for registration.

A small star is defined as no greater than 2.5cm in diameter


Head is well carried and alert with a kindly eye. Broad muzzled with a deep jowl.

Neck & Shoulders

Reasonable length of neck going from the withers with a good sloping shoulder and well placed forearm.


Well balanced and compact with deep chest and plenty of room for heart and lungs. Ribs well sprung.

Quarters & Hind Legs

Powerful quarters with well developed thigh, strong second thigh and clean flat hocks.

Mane & Tail

Hair should be natural, flowing and untrimmed with a full tail.


Flat hard bones, broad knees, short cannon bones, oblique pasterns and well shaped broad dark hoofs. Feathers soft and silky.


They should move straight and freely and show true ‘pony’ character.

Show Presentation

There should be no pulling or plaiting or trimming of mane and tail, nor the feather on the legs. Light trimming of long hairs in jaw line is permitted. Whiskers should not be trimmed. Eye or other cosmetic make up must not be applied under any circumstances.

The pony should be shampooed, or thoroughly groomed to look and feel absolutely clean. Mane and tail brushed out well with a soft brush.

Hoofs should only be oiled or have clear polish. Ridden ponies for winter competitions or hunting may be clipped out always giving due regard to the above preparation rules. Legs should not be clipped in these cases. It should also be accepted that these clipped ponies may be placed somewhat lower In early, In hand, spring show classes depending on the in hand judges view.

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