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Thank you for your form submission. Your application has been received and we will be in contact very soon.

APSB Society
PO Box 3333
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  • Have you recently purchased a APSB registered pony and wish to transfer he/she into your name?

  • Are you a past member and wanting to renewal?
  • Do you want to register a pony
  • Would you like to compete at APSB Events
  • Or do you simply love ponies and want to join the APSB

This page will assist you in applying to join the Australian Pony Stud Book Society.

A person MUST be a financial member to transfer or register a pony or compete at an APSB.  There are 4 types of membership:

  1. Standard Member – our most popular type where you can process applications, enter shows, join the committee and breed.  The fee is $99.00 per membership.  These memberships can either be in the name of a single person, partnership, family or stud name.  If a partnership, family or stud membership please advise who will the signatory/nominee.
  2. Newsletter Member – this is suitable for those who do not have ponies but wish to have publications sent to them.  The fee is $50.00 per membership.
  3. Junior Membership – new to the APSB from July 2016, this membership will be for members under 17, with a single pony – mare or gelding, and not eligible for breeding.  These members once 17 will then be part of our standard members.  Fee is $50.00 per membership (single name only).  Parent or Guardian must be the nominee.  Please contact the Federal Office to see if you qualify for this type of membership.
  4. Life Member – elected by the committee

To JOIN the APSB Society online please click here or if you wish to post, please click here to download our membership application form

To RENEW you previous membership please complete the attached form and post with payment. RENEWAL FORM

To find out how to make an application for transfer or registration please click here

Our FEES AND CHARGES may be viewed by downloading our Scale of Fees


Online - Go to www.payway.com.au Biller Code 162677 Reference (use your membership Number or for new members 6 digits of your last name).  
Once paid note your receipt number on your application form

By Phone - call 1300 885 175, Biller Code 162677 Reference (use your membership Number or your last name for new members).  Once paid write your receipt number on your application form By Credit Card The APSB accepts both Visa and Mastercard.  Please use the credit card details at the bottom of each application.   

Cheque and Money Order - Please make out to THE AUSTRALIAN PONY STUD BOOK SOCIETY and post to APSB Society, PO Box 3333, Mornington Vic 3931

Online Registration Application

Please download and complete the appropriate form from the options below:  


Once your form is complete, please:

  1. Make Payment | Biller Code: 162677 | Reference: Your membership number | Fees payable are on your application form.  Please refer to the fees and charges schedule
  2. Make Payment
  3. Note your PayWay receipt on your form.
  4. Scan the form to your computer
  5. Scan any supporting documents as indicated on the form, i.e. copies of other society registration papers, DNA reports or microchip numbers.
  6. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. all completed forms and supporting documents



NB: If you're unable to scan your documents, please download, complete and post to us at the Federal Office:

APSB Society
PO Box 3333
Mornington Vic 3931

Phone: 0413 207 202

Please click here to download our Information Booklet


Member Log-In 

Welcome to Member Log-In

Member Log-in is an exciting  facility for financial members to manage their membership and their pony activities.  This facility will be released in stages with stage 1 being online annual returns.  In time members will also be able to edit their address details and enter notes on their records and send messages direct to the registrar via the database.  

To ensure security and keep privacy only the member has permission to log into their account.  To login you will need your membership number and you will need to create a password.  Please make sure that you keep your password secure by not giving out your password to another person.  

To get started click the item below.  Enter your membership number and then press new password.  You will then be asked to enter your email.  The database will check the email address you have entered to see if it matches the email address we have recorded and if yes will email you a password.  One you have a password you can change it BUT you must keep it secure at all times.  Do not give your password to another party to enter your returns.  Once you have entered the database please refer to the help notes at the bottom of the screen.  Any questions please email the office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


No more endless pages of returns to complete.  Now you can do it online.  Once you have logged in please read the help notes listed under guides.  The process is kept simple however if you need additional assistance please email the registrar.



The APSB database has the function for show organisers to set up online show entries.  The system will check for the registation status of the member and pony which could reduce the need to send copies of registration certificates and proof of membership (please refer to the show schedule).  To use this online system you need to be a FINANCIAL member and your pony needs to be registered.  If you are not financial please email the society on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The same login for annual returns is used. 



The system will not give me a password?
If the email address you are using is different to the one recordedon our database, the system will not send you a PASSWORD.  If unsure email the registrar

Which is the best browser to use?
The Database provider recommends that either Firefox or Internet Explorer be used when accessing the APSB online system.

We often receive comments from members of having problems accessing their data with Google Chrome.  the database provider is investigating this issue.

Why won't the dates save?

First delete the dash - then when entering the dates enter as dd/mm/yyyy eg 01/08/2016.

Can I enter matings for a colt?
You can only enter a stallion return for a registered stallion.  If the registration is pending please complete a manual return for this pony and post to the Federal Office - PO Box 3333, Mornington Vic 3931

There are ponies on my membership that I have sold
Unless the pony has been transferred as per the societies rules and regulations the pony's name will remain in your name unless a transfer is processed

My stallion has served outside mares not registered with the APSB
Search for the dam's and if it is not on the system you can add their details.  The office will check any unusual entries.

Can I enter matings for another member?
No.  Only a member can complete their own returns.


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