What types of Insurance does the society have?


The APSB has 3 types of insurance

1.       Public Liability    - for $20 million.

2.       Volunteers        

3.       Management                   


APSB Society has never had Personal Liability for members, this is something the individual should take out through their own insurer


Who is insured?



To clarify membership, this is defined as the name or names included as part of the membership name and therefore on the registration certificate of all ponies owned by that membership. Any extra names attached to a membership [such as family members]  do not form part of that membership. The inclusion of additional names came about some years ago  when the Insurer of that time charged a fee for every person associated with a pony for exhibition. Our current Insurer does not require this and as such we do not record the additional names attached to their membership.



Affiliated Promotional Groups:

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Covers Volunteers at any APSB event, such as judges, stewards and helpers who may not be members but are assisting at an event



- includes professional indemnity and other insurances relating to the operation/management of the society including committee members


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