MEMBERSHIP entitles members to full privileges of membership of the Society as laid down by the Rules and Regulations. A Member may:

    •     Register a stud prefix
    •     Record a brand
    •     Record eligible foals
    •     Adult register eligible mares
    •     Adult register eligible stallions
    •     Issue service certificates
    •     Transfer recorded or registered ponies
    •     Lease recorded or registered ponies
    •     Register eligible geldings
    •     Record eligible APSB Part Bred Ponies
    •     Record eligible APSB Riding Ponies
    •     Stand for election to Branch Committee
    •     Stand for election to Branch Affiliated Promotional Group executive position
    •     Vote for Committee
    •     Attend and vote at Branch Annual General Meeting

If you are intending to breed ponies you will need to register a stud Prefix and Brand with the Society. A stud Prefix is the member's own distinguishing stud name. All eligible ponies bred by a member of the Society must carry his or her own individual stud prefix and brand. Your own stud prefix will identify the ponies bred by you. The name of a registered pony can never be changed and any pony bred by you will always carry your own stud prefix, even if the pony changes hands. Members should also register their own distinguishing brand design with the Society.

All members will periodically receive a copy of their state's official NEWSLETTER, which is published three to four times a year. The NEWSLETTER helps to keep members informed of events within the Society. The NEWSLETTER also gives members the opportunity to advertise ponies for sale etc. The Society publish an ANNUAL FEDERAL JOURNAL which members receive free of charge as part of their membership. Members are welcome to advertise in this publication and also submit articles for consideration for publication.


APSB is now accepting payments on line. Please click here to access our secure payment portal and follow the instructions to make your payment. Please ensure that you have your membership renewal notice with you to quote the Biller Code - 162677 and your Reference Number.  New members please call the federal office.  For futher information please visit our Privacy Policy and Security Policy

All transactions are processed in Australia Dollars (AUD)

To Pay by PHONE - call 1300 885 175 and follow the instructions to make your payment. Please ensure that you have your membership number with you to quote the Biller Code - 162677 and your Reference Number (your membership number).   Please quote the receipt reference number on your registration application.


Please choose carefully. We do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.